Monday, October 8, 2012

Stay lowered. Until He raises you.


There’s salvation in admitting defeat.
The peace of prostration.
Just stay still in that position,
With your head lowered.
Stay humbled.
Stay lowered.
Until He raises you.
They’ve searched the world
for what can be found in the quietest corners of a room.
They search a million words for what can only be found in silence.
They create a million names for the nameless.
For what can only be found in wordless thought.
Nameless states.
Stop letting it own you.
Let it go.
Let it go for Him and He will honor you.
He will raise you.
I looked on every street corner,
Inside every store window,
In and through both heartache and beauty,
Inside the story within the story,
Behind the sheet music.
We’re always looking for names.
We try to name all of it.
We think that if only we could name each chain,
they would all break.
Maybe I need to live between.
Between the words, the heart,
the space between earth and sky.
Maybe I could live there.
In the space between knowledge and understanding.
Between love and letting go.
In the place where it stops hurting to be so far away.
The place where you’re already there.
In the nameless.
He said, “She feels like a habit I’ll never break.”
Break, so you can break.
The strong fall so they can stand.
There’s salvation in admitting defeat.
Adam (AS) admit defeat.
Yunus (AS) admit defeat.
Nuh (AS) admit defeat.
Ayoub (AS) admit defeat.
Muhammad (SAW) admit defeat.
How can you claim to be strong?
#source:Yasmin Mogahed

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