Sunday, February 14, 2010

hidup indie~~

geram btul ak kalo da jer org mengutuk kumplan INDIE ni..ak rasa indie lg bek dari artis2 yang juz harapkan rupa jer..kalo kita nak tngok la..indie lg mantopp per..
jom tengok ni~~

Hujan's comment about AJL 24

posted on: 12/01/2010
Interview Session with Hujan

We asked Dimas from Hujan about what he thinks of the AJL 24.


To start with, I'm very happy with the line up this year. More new comers means a vibrant music industry. We respect all the finalist as artiste. Regardless their background as independent artist or reality show winners.
Looking at the winners reflects what is AJL all about. It goes back to basic of good song delivered by great performances. Of course I hope that Hujan will win, hahaha, but I'm happy and proud with our friends that won. We think they all deserve it. Apart from good songs and performances, we know these artiste work hard to be where they are.
Hang Dimas
From Hujan side, we have done our best. But to tell you the truth that wasn't our best perfomances. We got distracted by few technical problems in the monitor system and Am's kick hitter was off.
But these things always happens during live show and theres nothing we can do about it now. The best part of our performance was to see our Raingerssupport in front of stage. When they enjoy, we enjoy. That is what our performance all about.

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